A car that was encased in ice for a few days, thanks to the weather, has more
The combination of high winds, cold temperatures, and a still unfrozen Lake Erie, spelled trouble for the owner of a car parked outside Hoak's Lakeshore restaurant on Sunday afternoon.
By Monday morning the little Mitsubishi had been turned into an ice sculpture from the spray of the water. It quickly became a bit of a tourist attraction as folks passing by stopped to snap a picture of the frozen car.
A car crew was able to free the car from its ice shield and tow it away.
Lenny Iwanenko, of Lake Erie Towing & Recovery, said it took 350 pounds of calcium flake and a towing apparatus get the car out.
"First I've encountered in 28 years of being in an industry for something of that magnitude," he said.

Car covered in ice on one side in New York.
Iwanenko said his company will defrost the car, give it a wash, and likely return it to its owner with little to no damage.