Fashion Blogging is a huge business and it is something that keeps people coming back for more time and time again. What that means is that people are going now more and more to the bloggers to learn what they think and to look at a new trend before it catches on in the States and in the rest of the world. What that means is that it is not all about followers, sometimes; it is about clicks as well as viral interactions with predicting new trends. What that means is that people are now seeing and scouting new trends at a very fast rate and people are learning about trends before they even hit the racks. Here are the top 50 blogs you will be hearing about soon, if you have not already!
  1. The Fashion Eaters: With its headquarters in Norway, this is one blog that looks at all aspects of fashion and means that you will hear about it firsthand.
  2. Song of Stye: A fashion and interior design Blogger / YouTuber featuring videos focused on fashion, design inspiration, DIY and more
  3. Sincerely Jules: Julie Sarinana founded Sincerely Jules in February 2009 as a creative outlet to express her thoughts, inspirations, style and love of everything cool.
  4. TuulaVintage: A personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe.
  5. Gary Pepper: A fashion, travel and lifestyle site dedicated to capturing beauty from the simple to the serene, Gary Pepper is the ultimate day dream.
  6. Fashion Me Now: This blog is based in the UK and has broken new trends before fashionistas even think about it.
  7. With Love From Kat: Based in New York, this is a blog that looks at the classic and the now.
  8. Maffashion: Based in Poland this blog looks at east Europe and world trends.
  9. Why Shy: This is a great blog that looks at all fashions all over the world and breaks amazing trends.
  10. Fashion Quite: Based in the fashion capital of the world the looks are amazing and trendy.
  11. Printemps Breeze: A perfect fusion of comfort and fashion.
  12. Yulia Si: An incredible look at the trendy and current.
  13. The Chronicles of Her: A blog through all kinds of fashion.
  14. Fashion Coolture: A look at all fusions from one of the trendiest countries in the world.
  15. Happily Gray: A look at the trends that are a part of the classic and the new.
  16. Sylvie Mus: An incredible and elegant blog based on all the choices of style.
  17. By Anna: The journey of fashion according to one icon.
  18. Lady Moriarty: A beautiful look at all the trends from Paris.
  19. Polishing Colors: A look at the trends and fashion of Europe.
  20. From Hats to Heels: An incredible look at all kinds of fashion.
  21. Te Cuento Mis Trucos: A look at the timeless fashion of Spain with modern overtones.
  22. Fire on the Head: All things LA
  23. Mi Aventura Con La Moda: A vision of style from Spain.
  24. Mysterious Girl: A look at incredible kinds of fashion from around the world.
  25. Style by Jules: This is a blog that looks at all things style
  26. Mind Body Swag: A great site that looks at the complete connection of the fashion.
  27. Nathalie Kemna: The looks of all of the trends and what is coming next.
  28. Beverly Ville: A beautiful look at East and West fashions.
  29. Agoniya: A look at the best of Turkey and Europe.
  30. Shot From the Street: Street chic as well as style.
  31. Mild Clouds: A look at timeless and trendy fashion.
  32. Ania B: A look at beauty as well as style in Canada.
  33. Simple et Chic: Classic beauty and trendiness from Germany.
  34. Alice Point: All of the beautiful looks from the UK and the best of the edgy street trends.
  35. Silk Drops: A great blog about the upcoming trends.
  36. Blasstyle: A look at all of Swiss classics and future looks.
  37. Rozalia: A look at the best upcoming looks from Poland.
  38. Manona Che: A great look at high fashion, trend, and a Russian flare.
  39. The Corporate Catwalk: The best in corporate and fashion for the office.
  40. Fashion Whit: A look of pop culture, trend, and high fashion.
  41. Skinny Cature: Great looks for beauties and for all women.
  42. Peexo: A great look at fashion and classic looks.
  43. To Vogue or Bust: A look at all things trending and the beauty of the classic line.
  44. Daisy Line: The beauty of classic and new looks.
  45. Four One Oh! A look at DC fashion and looks that are trending.
  46. Ulimali: The beauty of Asian fashion!
  47. The Ivory Tower: Beauty of the looks from utopia.
  48. Tie Bow-tie: The beauty as well as the look of the best of Europe and classic looks.
  49. Misguided Fashion: This is a great look that will allow you to see everything out there for your trending look.
  50. WHO WHAT WEAR: It is the leading online platform for premium and original style and shopping content, catering to trend-setting fashion lovers and their followers.